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Cryptozoology and Craft Beer Adventure Series


New Nyssa ebook cover.jpg
The Chupacabra & The Bat Rastard:
A Cryptozoology & Craft Beer Adventure

ISBN: 9798988082804

Library of Congress Control Number: 2023905658

Paperback: 333 pages

Third Place winner The BookFest Spring 2022 for Supernatural Creatures & Beings


Carson Quinn, a down-on-his-luck former science teacher spends his days pensively drinking in dive bars until a chance encounter with an old friend sends him on new adventures rekindling a love for cryptozoology and an introduction into the world of craft beer. Will this adventure send him in a new direction or put him out of his misery?

Champ 2 Nyssa.jpg
Champ & A Bit of Sunshine:
A Cryptozoology & Craft Beer Adventure


ISBN: 9798988082811

Library of Congress Control Number: 2023907909

Paperback:  330 pages

Honorable Mention winner in The BookFest Fall 2022 for Supernatural Creatures & Beings

Carson, Ty, Kareem, and Tegan travel to New England to enjoy a peaceful leaf-peeping adventure and experience New England hops after their run-in with the San Antonio chupacabra, but troublesome events and a rise in Champ sightings along Burlington's Lake Champlain look to derail the fun train and put them back into action.

Red Ghost Nyssa Front.jpg
The Red Ghost & A Chocolate Bunny:
A Cryptozoology & Craft Beer Adventure


ISBN: 9798988082828

Library of Congress Control Number: 2023907945

Paperback: 374 pages

Honorable Mention winner in The BookFest Spring 2023 for Supernatural Creatures & Beings

Spring brings nature to life, even in the shortened spring of the Sonoran Desert in the American Southwest. In Arizona, it is the season residents and visitors alike wait for in eager anticipation. The desert terrain bursts into a canvas of unimaginable beauty as delicate desert wildflowers and blooming cacti blanket the landscape. Animals such as javelina, scorpions, and rattlesnakes become more active, and baseball renews in the form of Cactus League Spring Training games. But increased eyewitness reports suggest spring has brought something else back to life: a cryptid from Arizona’s past; long since forgotten and presumed dead. A call from Kareem’s past brings him and the TIME team to Arizona to investigate claims that the Red Ghost has returned!

Loveland Frog Nyssa Front.jpg
The Loveland Frog & The Narrow Path:
A Cryptozoology & Craft Beer Adventure

ISBN: 9798988082835

Library of Congress Control Number: 2023908738

Paperback: 289 pages

A viral video catches the attention of the world - including the T.I.M.E. Agency, causing Carson, Ty, Tegan, and Kareem to visit Cincinnati in search of answers. After decades without credible sightings, have the Frogmen returned to the small city of Loveland, Ohio? Who are they? Why are they here? Cryptozoology intersects with the paranormal in an out of this world adventure that puts the Team in danger and forces some to face their fears.

tegan 5_edited.jpg
Tegan Stone and the Gibson County Beast:
A Cryptozoology & Craft Beer Adventure A Novella

ISBN: 9798988082842

Library of Congress Control Number: 2023912667

Paperback:  196 pages

Following the events of The Loveland Frog and the Narrow Path, Tegan Stone sets out on a solo journey of self-discovery. Guided by a mysterious cloaked man and his Pukwudgie companion, Tegan explores rural Indiana seeking to identify a mysterious creature seen in Gibson County and learn more about herself in the process.

coming soon.jpg
The Ringdocus and a Guy on a Buffalo:
A Cryptozoology & Craft Beer Adventure 

ISBN: 9798988082859

Library of Congress Control Number: 2023912716

Paperback:  390 pages

Carson, Ty, and Kareem travel to Montana's Madison Valley for a conference presentation. Sightings of an unknown animal put the team on the trail of the Ringdocus, an unidentified animal dating back to the late 1800s. A friend returns just in time to help with the investigation as the team discovers there is something else in the woods.

coming soon.jpg
Into the Dark with the Maryland Goatman:
A Cryptozoology & Craft Beer Adventure 

ISBN: 9798988082866

Library of Congress Control Number: 2023912670

Paperback:  pages

Inspired by Teddy Roosevelt, the T.I.M.E. Agency travels to Maryland in search of the legendary Snallygaster. But their journey becomes dark when they discover a town haunted by the disappearances of older men, possibly connected to the eerie myth of the Maryland Goatman. Carson, Ty, Kareem, and Tegan rush to unravel the connections between the cryptid and a local clinical trial program, plunging them into a world where science and superstition come together.

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