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Creating Engagement

My marketing efforts have been poor thus far in my writing journey. The Chupacabra and the Bat Rastard came out in September of 2016 and I did spend some time revising it while working on book 2 in the series. In May 2017 I revised it with the current cover and in February 2018 I released Champ. Now I am working on Book 3 in the series, but I do get delayed trying to think about marketing the prior two books.

Maybe I am at a good point to kick something off. Earlier this month I was contacted by the creator of Cryptid Crates, a monthly subscription box of really cool things. He purchased the book for inclusion in the August 2018 box. So maybe that is the start? I wanted to do something online and something in person. I tried posting an intro to a daily photo challenge that will also begin in August. That's just a few days away, so we will see if anyone joins in. Secondly, I noticed that in both books so far the characters, all or some of them, mention taking selfies at places. Specifically mentioned three times in book 2 I thought how cool would it be to maybe get that off the ground? People could take selfies and post on Instagram in spots where the characters took selfies. Could be an interesting way to create engagement. Maybe I will try to work that in future writings as well.

The biggest thing I want to do is a book signing tour. I have it sketched out to include 14 cities, meet readers, sign copies, and answer questions. I was thinking I could create a PowerPoint presentation on cryptozoology if the places I was going to use had that ability. I was thinking since it is about cryptozoology and craft beer, holding the event in a brewery would be interesting. Interesting because it doesn't happen often, so it is unique and also I think the audience would be better suited. Compare that to a bookstore - if someone likes to read about cryptozoology, they might be bored with the beer discussions in the book. But if someone likes beer, and if they are at a brewery they likely do, I think they would be okay reading a book about creatures. The tour would be about both books out so far, so I would naturally want to start at home in Phoenix. Book 1 is set in San Antonio, so that city is a must on my list. The characters themselves live in Austin, TX so that also seems only natural. Book 2 is Burlington, VT, but I also mention Salem, MA (which I love), and there is Portland, ME where you will find the only cryptozoology museum and a brewery in the same place. So there are easily six places on my list. Then I was thinking about places I have lived, such as Yellow Springs, OH and Atlanta, GA. I really need to plan it out and think about the logistics and budget.

Any ideas on city & brewery locations? What about fan engagement activities? I really am hoping the Cryptid Crate shipment next month helps jump start the marketing and begins to get the word out there.

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